After your surgery

After day surgery

You will not be allowed home unless it is completely safe for you to leave the hospital. A very small number of people have to stay overnight for unforeseen reasons.

You will be expected to arrange for someone to drive you home. You should not drive yourself or make important decisions for 24 hours after any procedure performed under sedation or general anaesthesia.

After you go home

Some operations will take a few days to recover from. You and your carer (a relative or friend) will be given advice about what to do at home during this time. It might mean that your carer will need to take time off work to look after you at home.

If you have any worries once you are at home, you may ring the unit and leave your telephone number on the answerphone. Our answerphone is checked twice daily, Monday to Saturday, and a member of the team will return your call. The Unit is closed on Sundays and calls will not be returned. The contact number is 01603 289385.

If your query is urgent, please contact the phone number given on your discharge letter for advice. It is important that you give the letter you are given to your GP as soon as possible, so they are aware you have had a procedure and can support you at home if needed.