FAQs about day surgery

If you have a question after you get home you can call us on 01603 289385 . Please leave your contact details and we will ring you back to discuss your query.

What is day surgery?

You have your operation and go home the same day. Back at home, you are looked after by relatives or friends, supported by the community healthcare team.

Is it safe?

Advances in anaesthetics and surgical techniques make day surgery as safe as staying in hospital.

What would be the advantages for me?

Most operations are carried out sooner and there is less disruption to your daily routine. You will spend less time in hospital and be at home with your children, relatives or friends.

When can I take my anti-embolic (TED) stockings off?

Mobilising as soon as possible after your operation is important, once your levels of mobility are no longer significantly reduced you can stop wearing the surgical stockings.
Until your stocking can be removed it is recommended that you wear them both day and night, only removing your stockings to have a bath or shower.

What do I do if my wound is leaking?

It is not uncommon for wounds to leak fluid for a few days. You can change the dressings when they are moist or soaked through.

When can I take my dressing off?

If dry or only lightly stained with dry blood the dressing is best left sealed till 5 days after your operation. Only change the dressing earlier if specifically instructed to, or if it is soaked through, moist or you are worried your wound might be becoming infected

Can I have a shower/bath with my dressing on?

When you feel able you can bath and shower as normal but don’t soak the area.
Do not worry if you get your dressing or stitches wet, simply remove the wet dressing pat the wound dry with a clean towel and re dress.

I am in pain, what can I do?

You will have some discomfort after all operations, some more than others. Make sure you are taking your pain killers regularly. For further advice on how to take your pain killers please refer to the pain information leaflet you were given.