Diabetes Videos for Adults

An important step towards improving people’s self-management of their own diabetes in Norfolk has been taken with the launch of this series of free videos and audio podcasts. They have been produced by the Elsie Bertram Diabetes centre. These films are designed to give information about Type 2 diabetes and how to live with this condition.

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They discuss lifestyles changes, risks and how to self-manage the condition.
They are packed with useful tips and advice to help achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What is Diabetes?

Chapter 3: High Blood Sugars

Chapter 4: Diet and Nutrition

Chapter 5: Exercise & Healthy Lifestyles

Chapter 6: Smoking and Diabetes

Chapter 7: Alcohol and Diabetes

Chapter 8: Weight Management in Diabetes

Chapter 9: Medications

Chapter 10: Monitoring

Chapter 11: Low Blood Sugars

Chapter 12: Illness and Sick Day Rules

Chapter 13:Driving and Diabetes

Chapter 14: Annual Review Appointment

Chapter 15: Eye Care

Chapter 16: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk

Chapter 17: Foot Care

Chapter 18: Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter 19: Psychological Aspects of Diabetes

Chapter 20: Diabetes and Pregnancy

Chapter 21: Travelling Abroad

Chapter 22: Further Advice