Neuromedical Physiotherapy Team

Who we are

The Neuro-Medical Physiotherapy Team provides a physiotherapy service to inpatients in the following specialties:

  • Oncology & Haematology based on Mulbarton Ward
  • Acute Stroke based on Heydon Ward
  • Acute Neurology based on Dunston Ward

    We work with patients with a wide variety of neurological and oncology conditions including Acute Stroke, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Head Injuries, Post Neurological Surgery, Brain tumours, Spinal tumours and recurrent Cancer.

    All the Physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professions Council.


We provide a comprehensive assessment of patients under our care which enables us to:

  • Provide advice regarding specialist seating requirements of patients with neurological impairment to promote good posture, to promote nutritional intake, promote good chest care and engagement with family, carers and staff
  • Plan goals of rehabilitation with patients, their family/carers and the multi-disciplinary team and to identify how this would be best provided eg; in an inpatient rehabilitation bed, Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation Unit such as Beech Ward at the Norwich Community Hospital or the Coleman Hospital or by supporting the patient to return home with Community Physiotherapy follow up if required
  • Provide advice, exercise programmes and strategies to optimise function
  • Work closely with the multidisciplinary team to support patients and their family/carers to make decisions about end of life care when this is required

Neurology Outpatient appointments

The Team provides an outpatient physiotherapy service for patients with neurological impairment living in Norwich. You will have been referred by your Consultant and will be assessed by the physiotherapist to identify how your condition affects your daily activities. Working together, we will provide advice, exercise programmes and strategies to optimise independence and enable you to manage your condition in the long term.

  • The physiotherapy outpatient department for people with Neurological conditions is based in the main physiotherapy dept in level 2 OP East.
  • Your appointment will be approximately 1 hour long.
  • It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • You may need to remove some of your clothes to allow the physiotherapist to look at your movement in more detail. If you need further help, advice or provision of equipment by another health professional the physiotherapist will make the appropriate referrals with your consent.

Oncology Well Being Programme

We also provide an education session on a Monday afternoon, every 7 weeks, on Exercise and Fatigue Management for patients with cancer as part of the Well Being programme based at the Big C Cancer Information and Support Centre  at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

You can book onto a session by visiting the Big C Centre or phoning 01603 286112 between 9am and 4pm Monday – Friday.