Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rheumatology

The role of the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Team is to facilitate a safe discharge by getting patients mobile following elective (planned) procedures (e.g Knee and Hip replacements or Spinal Operations) or admission following a fall or other trauma.

It will generally be the one of the Orthopaedic Physiotherapists who will get you out of bed initially following an operation (back and lower limbs) and this will be on the day of the operation or the following day in the vast majority of cases. There is currently a 7 day Physiotherapy service for Orthopaedic patients although not all patients are seen at a weekend by a Physiotherapist.

What to expect on the Orthopaedic wards from the Physiotherapy Team

  • If having a Knee replacement or Hip Replacement you may be visited by a Physiotherapist approximately 4 hours following your operation and at this point we will assess your strength and feeling in your legs and if you feel well enough will attempt to get you out of bed.
  • If you do not get out of bed the day of your operation you will be aiming to get out of bed the day following your operation.

phy orth bed

  • It may be quite shocking for you to think that after a major operation you are expected to get out of bed so soon but it has been shown to be beneficial to your circulation, respiratory system and digestive system as well as your musculoskeletal system.
  • At least a daily visit during the week (when required) to increase your mobility and aim for a safe discharge home or to rehabilitation (as required) but this is becoming less common.
  • Initially you will use a walking frame to walk but as your mobility improves you may be progressed onto elbow crutches or walking sticks.

phy orth crutch

  • Although the Physiotherapists may only visit you once a day you will be expected to walk to the toilet with the nurses when able to increase you independence and prepare for discharge home.
  • On discharge you may have a Community Physiotherapist visit you at home to progress your mobility although this is not required for most patients.