Respiratory Care

Who we are

The respiratory care and rehabilitation team provide a wide range of services to those suffering from or likely to suffer from problems related to their breathing as a result of chest disease or major illness, injury or surgery. All physiotherapists are educated to degree level and are registered with the Health Professions Council.


We provide assessment, treatment and management programmes for patients with disordered breathing pattern as well as for many patients who have chest disease including cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.
This service is provided by expert physiotherapists on an outpatient basis at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

What to expect

  • Your physiotherapy appointment will be held in the Physiotherapy or Respiratory Department, Outpatients East, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital  and will be held in a private room or cubicle.
  • We would like you to bring details of any medication that you are currently taking and your reading glasses if you use them. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to the appointment if you would like to.
  • Your first appointment will last for approximately one hour, follow-up appointments are shorter.
  • When you attend your appointment please be aware that in order for your physiotherapist to carry out a full assessment you may be required to undress your top half to your underwear.
  • Your physiotherapist will discuss your breathing problems with you and assess your lung function. They will also explain as far as possible the causes of the problems, possible treatments and likely outcome of treatment.
  • You are likely to go home with a programme of breathing exercises to practice, these will be specific to you. You should practice as often as advised, physiotherapy is very effective in helping with breathing problems but you will need to practice.
  • A review appointment is often offered to assess your progress, however if you manage the exercises well at your first appointment then the physiotherapist may offer to telephone you to check how you’re doing instead.
  • No two patients are the same and consequently no two courses of treatment are the same, however most people notice positive effects on their breathing after having been assessed and managed by a specialist physiotherapist.

Group Sessions

The effects ofchronic obstructive airways disease (COPD) and rehabilitation after heart attack are managed in group rehabilitation sessions in conjunction with specialist nursing and therapy colleagues at the Norwich Community Hospital .


The team provides rehabilitation after major bowel, chest and vascular surgery or injury at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, helping patients avoid postoperative complications of breathing and circulation by assessment and prescription of appropriate breathing and circulatory exercises as well as tailored rehabilitation programmes. Most patients requiring high dependency or intensive care during their stay in hospital will be helped to recover their strength, mobility and fitness by one or more of the team.