When you are given a date for your procedure, you may be asked to do one, or both, of the following:

  • Attend a healthcare assistant (HCA) clinic for some final tests to be completed before your procedure.
  • Drop off some completed tests that you may have been given at pre-assessment. These can normally be dropped off either at the hospital, or at your GP surgery.

This appointment or test drop off will normally need to take place 2-4 weeks before your procedure, depending on the type of tests you require.

It is also important at this point that you read through any documentation you were given at your pre-assessment appointment as this will contain important information to help you prepare for the day of admission. For example, it is likely that you will need to fast for some time prior to your procedure or stop taking specific medications. There will also be instructions in your appointment letter telling you where to go and what time to arrive on your day of arrival at the hospital.

In the event that you misplace your documentation, or have any questions, you can get in touch with the Pre-operative Assessment department, who will be happy to help, by calling the POA Patient Flow Coordinator on 01603 647923.