Children’s Day Ward

Our Children’s Day Ward (CDW) is off the corridor leading to Buxton ward. You may be asked to attend the CDW for a number of reasons, such as those listed below:

  • Following a period in hospital, for review by nurse or doctor
  • A blood test
  • An operation
  • Allergy testing
  • Immunisation
  • A scan requiring sedation beforehand
  • Administration of special medicines which cannot be given at home
  • A blood transfusion
  • An endocrine test
  • A dressing or removal of stitches
  • Pre-operation assessment

Your visit to CDW may take less than an hour or it may be all day depending upon what you have come for, but it is not expected that you will need to stay overnight. Some children will be allocated one of the four beds/cots; this will depend upon the reason for your visit. If a bed is not required you will be asked to wait in the play area until you are seen.

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What to bring

Space is limited so please consider carefully how much you need to bring. If you are likely to stay for a few hours, you may wish to bring favourite toys or books, we do have a well-equipped play area however and there will usually be a play specialist who will provide something appropriate for you… maybe crafts, toys, books or a video. Please bring any medicines that your child may need.


If you are with us for a few hours you will be provided with drinks and lunch/tea, your family can get food in the hospital restaurant.

Baby Changing Facilities

There are baby changing facilities available in the Jenny Lind Outpatient Department, CAU and CDW for all visitors to the department to use.

If you require changing facilities for older children please approach a member of staff and they will source a suitable space for you to use. We are able to provide the use of a hoist should you require it.

We also have a hoist available to use which can weigh children who are unable to stand or sit on scales.

If you have any questions or concerns about the facilities or equipment available to you please approach a member of the nursing staff who will be very happy to assist you.

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How to find us

For details about how to find us, how to get here and information about accessibility (including images), please click on the icon below: