Chronic Pain Management

Each year, we care for around 2,700 new patients, 6,800 follow-up patients and 2,300 day case patients.

There are many different ways to help you manage your chronic pain – a bit like a jigsaw. Your pan is completely individual and so are your problems managing that pain, so it follows that you’ll need a tailored programme that works for you.

The benefit of a “jigsaw” approach is that you can make each piece as big or as small as you need. Most people require all of the jigsaw parts, even if their individual role is small.

Piecing together your jigsaw takes time and practise. We hope that each session with us helps you work out how each part works best for you – combining pacing activity, exercise, relaxation, medication, family/work support, and looking at your mood will help you to manage your day to day pain.

This is where you’re the expert – no professional knows your pain quite like you do.

Feedback from our patients

“The techniques we have learnt have really helped me.”

“I have found some of the methods for coping useful, and found myself more open to trying things again that have previously not worked and I had therefore written off ever trying again.”

“I feel more confident about myself and my body.”

“Thank you to the team, who did a fantastic job in a difficult time.”

“Thank you to the pain team. During my appointments I felt well looked after and genuinely cared for.”

“Staff were easy to talk to. Information was presented well and easy to understand.”