Our services

The Pain Management Service is a multi-disciplinary out-patient service, helping people living with long-term (sometimes called “chronic”) pain.

Appointments are available face-to-face, via the telephone or via video link. We are unable to visit people in their own home.

All patients have an initial appointment with a clinical team member, who may be a Consultant, Specialist Physiotherapist or Specialist Nurse. We offer a full assessment and explanation of their pain, with advice about medication and/ or injections if appropriate. Injections are given at NNUH and Cromer.

Depending on their pain condition, patients may also be offered:

  • Review in a complex spinal clinic, with a Pain Consultant, Spinal Surgeon and Specialist Physiotherapist
  • Medication review and trouble-shooting in a Nurse clinic
  • Opioid clinic – for patients on complex or high dose opioid treatment, with input from specialist substance misuse services
  • Consideration of implant of a spinal cord stimulator (“neuromodulation”) in specialised cases where other options have been unsuccessful.

Many people find difficulties living with long-term pain and can be supported by our large multi-disciplinary team (including Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Clinical Psychologists).

You may be offered appointments individually or in a group. Education is essential to understanding how to use self-management strategies to manage pain. Depending on your presentation, you may be offered a variety of education options.

Education sessions include:

  • Pain management seminars: a short introduction into self-management of long-term pain
  • Opiate awareness: do you understand the medicines that you are taking?
  • Sleep and relaxation: top tips for a good night’s sleep – an introduction to relaxation strategies
  • Mindful movement / an introduction to mindfulness: how to increase activity levels using mindfulness as a guide
  • A pain management programme: a high intensity, in-depth education programme lasting 8-10 weeks, developing the principles of self-management.

Acute Pain Management Service
We also provide an acute pain management service, based at NNUH, comprising six Specialist Nurses led by a Pain Consultant who advise on how to manage acute pain, review patients who use epidurals to control their pain, take part in research and train ward staff.