Day case procedures

After an out-patient appointment with a pain management clinician, you may be added to a waiting list for a procedure. These range from epidurals and pulsed radio-frequency denervations to insertion of a spinal cord stimulator under general anaesthetic. Currently all are done in day surgery.

These procedures are routinely performed at Cromer Hospital in the Muriel Thoms Procedure Unit:

  • Lumbar epidurals
  • Lumbar facet joint injections
  • Lumbar nerve blocks
  • Pamidronate infusions
  • Qutenza patches.

These are routinely performed at the Arthur South Day Procedure Unit at NNUH:

  • Cervical and thoracic injections
  • Cervical and thoracic nerve blocks
  • Trigger point injections
  • Pulsed radio-frequency denervations
  • Insertion of spinal cord stimulators.

To find out more, including expectations on how these procedures would be performed, go to the Faculty of Pain Medicine website.

You’ll be added to the waiting list and then the booking teams will offer a date for your procedure. You can contact them directly on:

  • Pain Management Waiting List Co-ordinators, NNUH: 01603 289375/287733
  • Pain Management Waiting List Co-ordinators, Cromer Hospital: 01603 646277

From admission to discharge – your day in theatres

Having a procedure in an operating theatre can be daunting, so here’s a guide to your day:

  • On the day of your admission, you may be asked to arrive at 7.30am, 9.30am, 11am or 1.30pm. You need to follow the eating and drinking instructions given to you by the Waiting List Co-ordinator and in the letter you receive in the post.
  • On arrival, check-in with the Receptionist, who will double-check your contact details and ask for a next of kin and, if different, a named person to contact to collect you after your procedure.
  • You will be collected from reception by a nurse. Patients are admitted in the order they appear on the theatre list – this may mean a longer wait means your Consultant doesn’t need to leave the theatre to get patients’ consent individually.
  • The Nurse will take you to your bed, where you’ll be prepared for your procedure and the Consultant will ask you to sign your consent form. Your relatives will need to remain in reception – please ensure they know how long they’re expected to wait (a minimum of four hours) or they can leave and we’ll let them know when you’re ready to be collected.
  • Once the theatre team is ready, they’ll collect you and you will walk or be taken to the theatre. The Consultant will carry out your procedure then you’ll be taken back to your bed for observation.
  • Once ready, one of the Nurses will let your named person know you’re ready to be collected and you’ll be discharged.