Facilities For Parents/Carers

Accommodation for parents/carers

Buxton Ward can accommodate one resident parent/carer or other family member per child. You will be provided with a bed and bed linen next to your child’s bed. During the day we ask that these beds are folded away to allow space for nursing staff to work.

If you are unable to stay with your child you can nominate another family member to stay but they must be an adult. Please discuss with the nursing staff any concerns you may have.

We do also have six further rooms rooms available on the hospital site for parents and carers and please ask staff for more details.

If you are breastfeeding your child, arrangements can be made for facilities to express milk and store the milk.

Mothers who are breastfeeding another child (not the child in hospital) are asked to make alternative arrangements whenever possible (if they wish to be resident) or ask another family member to be resident but individual circumstances will always be taken into consideration.

Car parking tickets can be validated for a maximum charge of £2 per visit.

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Facilities for parents/carers

Buxton Ward has a parents’ room where you are welcome to make tea and coffee and cold drinks. (Donations for tea and coffee are appreciated). This is a child free zone.

A fridge-freezer is available to store items of food which should be individually labelled. There are currently no facilities for warming food up but the Restaurant in the West Atrium, Level One, has a microwave for use and you are welcome to bring hot food back on to the ward. Parents are encouraged to take breaks and look after themselves during a hospital stay.

Restaurant where there is a microwave for warming food

There are various facilities within the hospital for obtaining drinks and food. If you are a resident parent you are entitled to a voucher which enables you to purchase food from the hospital restaurant at staff prices. Please see a member of staff for the voucher.

All hot drinks should be carried using a tray. At lunchtime parents can buy a meal from the trolley for £1 and this is on a first-come-first-served basis. The ward hostesses will inform parents once all the children have been fed. Breast-feeding mothers get meals free of charge (three meals a day).

Mobile phones cannot be used on the ward. Each bed has a telephone above it which is run by Hospedia. Television is free. You can buy a telephone card on the ward. The system also has a loop system for the hard of hearing.

It costs 26p per minute (minimum charge 40p) to make a phone call from your bedside but anyone phoning you will be charged 49p per minute peak rate (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) and 39p per minute off peak (evenings and weekends).

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Inpatient Facilities

The staff on Buxton ward understand that children with complex health care needs may require additional equipment to accompany them when they are in hospital. The ward has a hoist which is available for all children/ young people to use and we are also able to weigh children using a hoist when required.

If you are bringing your child for a hospital stay and have specialist equipment you wish to bring with you or feel would be beneficial to your child during the admission please telephone the ward and discuss this with a member of the nursing staff. Availability of storage space may be an issue but we will always accommodate requests to bring specialist equipment where we can.
If parents /carers have any issues or concerns they would like to discuss with a member of the nursing staff before their child is admitted please telephone the ward and speak to a member of the nursing team or Matron Emma Dolman.
Telephone 01603 286321.

Baby Changing Facilities

There are baby changing facilities available in the Jenny Lind Outpatient Department, CAU and CDW for all visitors to the department to use.

If you require changing facilities for older children please approach a member of staff and they will source a suitable space for you to use. We are able to provide the use of a hoist should you require it.

We also have a hoist available to use which can weigh children who are unable to stand or sit on scales.

If you have any questions or concerns about the facilities or equipment available to you please approach a member of the nursing staff who will be very happy to assist you.