The Dietetic Team

Clinical Team

The paediatric dietetic department at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital consists of the following team members:

  • Paula Corney – team lead – home tube feeding dietitian
  • Liz Ingham – team lead – gastroenterology dietitian
  • Rachel Pereira – gastroenterology/metabolic dietitian
  • Sara Pullan – neonates/cardiology/gastroenterology dietitian
  • Lucy Findlay – diabetes/home feeds dietitian
  • Joanne Arthur – Buxton Ward/general outpatient clinics/neonates dietitian
  • Hannah Offer – weight management dietitian
  • Miriam Futter – dietetic assistant

The service we provide:

  • 3 general dietetic clinics per week covering a range of general dietary issues such as faltering growth, feeding difficulties and food allergy.
  • 1 gastroenterology dietetic clinic per week
  • 1 specialist weight management clinic per week
  • Regular clinics in specialist schools in and around Norwich

We are integrated members of the paediatric medical teams and attend joint clinic appointments with other members of the multidisciplinary medical team.


Dietetic assistant

Jenny Lind octopus 2We are very fortunate to have a full time paediatric dietetic assistant to support the work of the dietitians. The role of our dietetic assistant is very extensive including accessing blood results and contacting parents where appropriate, cooking low protein and gluten free foods and putting together the gluten free sample packs for our coeliac children as well as organising and sending out the food diaries and blood forms prior to coeliac and PKU clinic.

She analyses food diaries, has an integral and invaluable role with sorting out issues with our home tube feed children, organises snacks for children with cystic fibrosis on the ward in addition to many other administrative tasks.