Referral guidance for GPs and first-contact practitioners

The following are guidance documents to aid in referral for imaging. The first document gives advice for imaging of the body (excluding MSK). The following two documents are specifically for MSK MRI and MSK ultrasound. Please be advised there are specific referral criteria that need to be mentioned in the referral request (these are in red in the document).

Please note due to Covid-19 – we are not performing routine steroid injections due to the small risk that steroid injections can temporarily reduce the ability of the immune system to fight infection.

This is an email address for first-contact practitioners only (including GPs and other community referrers) with any non-urgent radiological query. A radiologist will aim to respond within 2-3 working days.

Appointment Queries

Due to the high volume of calls received, we ask that patients or professionals do not call our Appointments teams unless it is to discuss/change/cancel an existing appointment. All scans and X-rays will be appointed, and the patient will receive an appointment letter once booked.

For any urgent appointment queries, please use the email addresses below:

Appointments Team


Plain Film (OP & GP)
Dental X-rays
NCIR:(Formerly IRU)
Cromer X-Ray bookings
Radiology Secretaries and Private Practice
Nuclear Medicine

Report Queries

For any queries regarding scan/X-ray reports, please contact the Reporting Workflow Co-ordinator on 01603 286080.

Please do not ask patients to call us to chase their results.