The Radiology service has a key role in diagnostics and uses state-of-the-art imaging technology and facilities, including 12 Ultrasound Rooms. We have 5 Ultrasound Rooms located in the Radiology Department, 5 rooms in Obstetric Ultrasound, for Antenatal Scanning, & a Vascular Laboratory, all within the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. We provide Ultrasound Services at Cromer Hospital.

We perform a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic examinations and provide Ultrasound imaging for all wards, departments, out patient clinics, GP referrals and also tertiary referrals. Our specialist team is committed to delivering a high level of patient care. Our clinical staff consists of Radiologists, Sonographers, and clinical support staff. Our dedicated administration team provides essential non-clinical support.

Please note specialist services such as musculoskeletal and vascular ultrasound are only provided at NNUH.

Our specialist imaging services include:

Ultrasound examinations are routinely performed with either a full bladder or you may be asked to fast for a given period of time.  You will be told in your appointment letter if this is the case. Please check your letter to find out which department your scan is being performed in and what your specific preparation instructions are.

All ultrasound results (except Obstetric scans) will be sent electronically to the Doctor who requested the investigation. If you are having an Antenatal scan, the Sonographer will give you your results immediately. If the Sonographer has any concerns, he/she may ask you to see a doctor in Antenatal Clinic or refer you to a specialist Foetal Medicine Unit (FMU), where you will be seen by a Foetal Medicine Consultant, within 3 working days.

If you have any queries regarding the preparation for your scan, please call the number on your appointment letter. The Sonographer/Radiologist performing the scan will be happy to answer any questions you have on the day.

What to expect when you have your ultrasound scan.  We also have an Easy Read version available.

We also scan children.  In order to help prepare your child for their scan,we have a leaflet and booklet on ultrasound scans they can look at beforehand.