One-Stop Clinics


The Radiology Department runs several one-stop services in conjunction with other Departments. These aim to reduce waiting times, ensure that you have as many tests and investigations at one time as possible and reduce the number of times you need to come to the hospital.

Our one-stop services include:

  • Urology One-Stop clinic – run with the Urology Department
  • DVT clinic – if your GP suspects you have a you will be referred to the VTE clinic, where you will be sent for an ultrasound scan.
  • Renal colic pathway – certain patients who come to the Emergency Department, or go to their GP with renal colic (severe pain due to kidney stones) are referred straight away for a CT scan to see if their pain is due to stones.
  • Thyroid One-Stop – patients attending the Endocrinology Thyroid Clinic may be referred for an ultrasound scan on the same day.
  • Respiratory Fast Track – patients attending Respiratory Clinic who require a CT scan of their chest, are usually imaged on the day of their clinic appointment (where this is not possible, the soonest urgent appointment is given).
  • One Stop Clinic for fine needle aspirations under ultrasound guidance, in conjunction with the ENT Department.
  • Ultrasound one-stop scanning for patients suspected of having a TIA (transient ischaemic attack, or “mini stroke”).
  • Patients attending orthopaedic & fracture clinics, respiratory clinics or rheumatology clinics, may be referred for a plain X-ray on the day of their clinic appointment.