Plain Film X-ray (GP and Outpatient)

The Plain Film X-ray Department provides services for patients who have been referred for general X-rays from their GP, Consultant or healthcare professional (such as a Physiotherapist or Nurse). You will be sent an appointment.

If your GP has referred you for an X-Ray this year, please know that we have very limited capacity. We ask that you don’t call us as we will send an appointment to you by post as soon as we can. If your condition has changed or your symptoms have worsened, please speak to your GP.

If you’re chasing the results of your X-ray, please speak with your GP or consultant who referred you. We cannot give results to you directly.

What to expect when you have your X-ray.

The Doctor or other healthcare professional who referred you for our X-ray will be sent the results of your X-ray.

Children are seen regularly in the Department, and we have a dedicated team of Radiologists, Radiographers and Assistants tasked with ensuring that your child’s journey through the Department is as seamless as possible.  In order to help prepare your child for their X-ray, we have a leaflet and booklet on X-rays they can look at beforehand.

Easy Read leaflet on plain radiographic examinations.