Pre Assessment Clinics

Cardiology pre assessment clinics are held on a daily basis. Many people will be asked to attend these clinics if they are booked for routine or elective procedures. These include coronary angiography, DC cardioversion, percutaneous coronary intervention (angioplasty) and some pacemakers.

A pre assessment appointment helps to prepare people safely for their procedure and ensures that a patient has the necessary information to make informed choices. It also enables us to collect information that is necessary to undertake the procedure.

Pre assessment clinics are led by specialist nurses. These appointments typically last approximately 30 minutes, but if a test such as an ECG or blood tests are needed then it may take longer (approximately one hour). We ask that people attending these clinics bring their current medication with them and that they complete a health questionnaire which will be sent in the post prior to the appointment.

During the pre assessment visit the nurse asks a number of questions about a person’s general health, medical history, medication, allergies and symptoms. They will also explain the procedure and discuss any relevant risks associated with that procedure. There is ample opportunity to ask questions and we encourage this.

The nurse will ask you if we may take some samples to screen you for MRSA. This test is quick and painless, involving skin swabs using a cotton wool bud and all patients attending for elective procedures are routinely screened.

A small number of patients may be pre assessed over the telephone.


Our clinics are held on Outpatients East Level 3. A map of this location can be found at the bottom of the main Cardiology department page.
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