Lower Gastrointestinal (GI) / Colorectal

Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer diagnosed with the UK, with approximately 25,000 new cases diagnosed per year.

Treatment for bowel cancer may include a combination of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, however treatment will vary depending to the extent of the cancer at diagnosis.

The Colorectal Cancer Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is one of the largest units in the United Kingdom treating approximately 450 cases per year.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust also provides Bowel Cancer Screening via the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

Condition treated

  • Colon cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Anal cancer (Specialist MDT linking with Ipswich NHS Trust & James Paget NHS Trust)

Multidisciplinary Team

The health professionals below are all members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) specialising in colon, rectal and anal cancer. Your care will be managed by a Colorectal Surgeon or an Oncologist. Throughout your treatment you will be supported by our specialist colorectal or oncology nursing team. The Colorectal specialist nurses in their role as your Key worker will co-ordinate your treatment and investigations .

Colorectal Surgeons

 Colorectal Specialist Nurses (keyworker)

  • Jane McCulloch        Colorectal Specialist Nurses-  01603 287828
  • GeeBee Cain
  • Suzanne Haselton

Jane, GekBee or Suzanne will be your key worker from point of diagnosis, providing support advice and information. They work predominantly within the colorectal surgical team. They may refer you to other specialist nurses for additional support.

Patients who require a stoma will be referred to our NNUH Stoma care Specialist Nursing team who can be contacted on 01603 286441

MDT Co-ordinator

  • Karen Utting      01603 289740

Patient Pathway Co-ordinator

  • Siobhan Cator    01603 646770

Oncology team

  • Dr G Kapur          – Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  • Dr D Biswas         – Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  • Dr D Epurescu    – Consultant Medical Oncologist

The Oncology team will provide specific information for patients having radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Oncology Specialist Nurse (keyworker)

  • Siobhan Falco   01603 288958

Departmental Information

For further information visit the Gastroenterology department page.

Patient Support Services

Bowel Cancer Support Group

This local support group meets four times a year (Mondays) at the NNUH providing support and advice for patients and their families/ carers who have treatment for bowel cancer. For dates see NNUH website or ring Colorectal Specialist Nurses on 01603 287828

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