Head and Neck

Head and Neck cancers are cancers of the mouth, throat and voice box as well as other rarer cancers in the head and neck region. Head and Neck cancer is the 8th most common cancer in the UK.

The most common symptoms are:

  • A lump, swelling or sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal within 3 weeks.
  • Persistent sore throat, pain on swallowing or change in voice.
  • Lump on the neck.
  • Blocked nose and/ or bloody discharge from the nose.

Although these are not exclusive, if you have any concerns please contact your GP. 

The team is made up of different specialities who work together specifically treating head and neck cancers. The team includes Surgeons, Oncologists, Specialists Nurses, Speech and Language therapist, Dietitians and Physiotherapists.  Referral into the service usually comes from the ENT or the Oral Health department. We are the central hub for all of those diagnosed with head and neck cancers in the region. Our clinic sees patients from James Paget, Ipswich Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth. Weekly MDT (multi-disciplinary team) meetings followed by a clinic on a Wednesday afternoon. These clinics are held in the Oral Health department at the Norfolk and Norwich.  

At diagnosis you will be provided with contact details for your specialist nursing team. This team is a key point of contact during your treatments. The team have developed a support group called HANC for patients, families and friends, please ask for further details.

Conditions Treated

Head and Neck cancers include cancers of the mouth, throat and voice box, as well as rarer cancers which can occur in the nose, sinuses and middle ear. Thyroid cancer care is under a different team.

Treatments for these types of cancer include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Consultant ENT Surgeon

Consultant Oral Surgeons

Consultant Plastic Surgeons

Consultant Oncologist

Cancer Nurse Specialists

  • Astra Hall
  • Sarah Thirkettle – Tele 01603 288116

For Thyroid cancer help and support please contact Ingrid Haupt-Schott on 029 2061 5888 ext. 6308

MDT Coordinator

  • Linda Morris – Tel 01603 286757

Consultant Histopathologists

Consultant Radiologists

Patient Support Services