Our Dermatology and Plastic Department diagnoses and manages patients with Skin Cancer such as Melanoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Basal Cell Carcinomas as well as rare Skin cancers, such as Merkel Cell Tumours and Cutaneous Sarcoma.

The Skin Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) are able to provide current guidelines, statistics and latest protocols for the management of Skin malignancies and take pride in chairing the weekly regional meeting.  The meeting is attended by Plastic Surgeons, Oncologists, Dermatologists and Doctors of all grades as well as the Specialist Nursing Team.

You will be allocated a Skin Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) who will be contactable for support and will see you in clinic. Your Skin CNS will be contactable via email or phone; their contact details will be provided.

Your pathway will vary depending on your diagnosis. You may be seen by a Dermatologist as well as a Plastic Surgeon.

Conditions Treated:

The Skin MDT at the NNUH sees the largest number of skin cancers of all the hospitals in the Anglia Cancer Network. Each year it diagnoses and manages approximately:

  • 350 new patients with Melanoma
  • 900 new patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • 3000 new patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma

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Consultant Dermatologists Plastic Surgeons
Dr Jennifer Garioch Professor Marc Moncrieff
Professor Nick Levell Mr Martin Heaton
Mr Andrew Snelling
Oncologists Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists
Dr Jenny Nobes Beverley Underwood
Dr Gill Gray Gemma Hewitt
Lesley Hawkes
Vicky Watson
Histopathologist Oncology Nurse Specialist
Dr Arjun Ramaiya Graham Dilks
Dr Clare Beadsmoore

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