The Skin Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) are able to provide current guidelines, statistics and latest protocols for the management of skin malignancies and take pride in chairing the regional meeting weekly.  The meeting is attended by Plastic surgeons, Oncologist, Dermatologists and doctors of all grades as well as the specialist nursing team.

The dermatology and Plastic Department diagnoses and manages patients with rare skin cancers such as Merkel cell tumours and cutaneous sarcoma as well as patients with metastatic skin cancer. Patients with cutaneous lymphoma are managed within the Cutaneous Lymphoma MDT which falls under the umbrella of the Skin MDT.

Occasionally we specialise with other hospitals to ensure the correct pathway is initiated, for example the Royal Marsden Hospital for the management of Sarcoma patients.

We are also fortunate enough to work closely with haematology and ocular-oncology plastic department at the hospital; this ensures that all multi-professionals are able to provide patient centred care.

We receive tertiary referrals with skin cancer from the James Paget University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn and Ipswich Hospital. Services offered at NNUH include reconstruction including microsurgery, specialist radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Immunotherapy,  Mohs micrographic surgery, lymphoscintigraphy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, nodal clearance surgery (including pelvic lymphadenectomy), oculoplastic surgery, assessment and treatment of lymphedema, photodynamic therapy, tumour bank and molecular diagnostics.

The departments involved in the Skin Cancer MDT are: dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, clinical and medical oncology, haematology, histopathology, radiology and nuclear medicine, ophthalmology and the cancer research network. The Skin Cancer MDT works closely with the Head and Neck MDT.

Our MDT is highly qualified with years of experience and expertise professionalism, skill and compassion giving priority to ensure that the patient understands the diagnosis and treatment pathway.

Conditions Treated:

Our Skin Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) sees the largest number of skin cancers of all the hospitals in the Anglia Cancer Network. Each year it diagnoses and manages approximately:

  • 350 new patients with melanoma
  • 900 new patients with squamous cell carcinoma
  • 3000 new patients with basal cell carcinoma


Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Jennifer Garioch        

Prof Nick Levell

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Prof Marc Moncrieff      

Mr Andrew Snelling

Mr Martin Heaton

Oncologist: Melanoma

Dr Jenny Nobes

Dr Gill Grey

Consultant Pathologist

Dr Arjun Ramaiya

Dr Joseph Murphy

Dr Lazlo Igali

Dr Sophia Neda

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Clare Beadsmore

Dr Sue Wilde

Dr Paddy Wilson

Cancer Nurse Specialists

Beverly Underwood 01603 288128

Lesley Hawkes  01603 647553

Gemma Hewitt  01603 288224

Vicky Watson  01603 288224


Oncology Cancer Nurse Specialist

Graham Dilks

Nurse Consultant Dermatology

Carrie Wingfield

Nurse Registrar Dermatology

Kate Davies

Melanie Sutherland

MDT Coordinator

Lorraine Nelhams 01603 288221 

Patient Pathway Coordinator

Alice Whiffen 01603 288220

Patient Support Services

Melanoma Focus 08008 801 077