The Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital offers a comprehensive oncology service for children with cancer and their families. The service operates within the East of England Children’s Network as a shared care centre with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. The Paediatric Oncology service based in Norwich is the largest shared care centre in the region. In addition to providing high quality anti-cancer treatments (chemotherapy), full holistic supportive care for medical, emotional and psychological needs is also provided and recognised as equally important to the child and family’s wellbeing. Additionally, the team work closely with the Children’s Hospice at The Nook, thereby providing a seamless service for our patient population. Paediatric Palliative Care is also provided in conjunction with the Symptom Management Team of nurses based at East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice (EACH). The latter service is provided on a 24/7 basis when the child’s needs require it and can be provided in the community, hospice or hospital.

If you have recently been told that your child has or is suspected of having cancer, you may already have had the opportunity to met some of the people involved in their care. These health professionals work within a team which is called a specialist Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) which is based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust. The members of the Paediatric Oncology MDT are experts at treating and managing childhood cancer. They are involved with investigations, diagnosis and ongoing treatment. The team also monitor the later effects of childhood cancer treatment so children with a diagnosis of cancer, will continue to be monitored till their 16th birthday, following which, care will be transitioned to the teenage and young adult services. The MDT holds weekly meetings to discuss all patients currently undergoing active treatment, and once a month the MDT is video-linked with Addenbrooke’s Hospital.


  • Wednesday’s (weekly) Paediatric Oncology MDT treatment clinic 2-6pm
  • Tuesday’s (4th week) off treatment Haematology Clinic, 1 to 4pm, with Dr Jo Ponnampalam
  • Tuesday’s (2nd week) off treatment Solid Tumour Clinic, 1 to 4pm, with Dr Jo Ponnampalam
  • Tuesday’s (3rd week) Non-malignant Haematology Clinic, 1 to 4pm, Dr Jo Ponnampalam or Dr Lyall

Visiting Consultant Outreach Clinics:

Please note – due to Covid-19 we are currently running out visitor consultant outreach clinics remotely for the foreseeable future.

  • Dr James Nicholson (Paediatric Oncologist Addenbrookes Hospital) – every quarter
  • Dr Michael Gattens (Paediatric Haematologist Addenbrookes Hospital) – every quarter
  • Dr Anne Yardumian (Haemoglobinopathy Haematologist, North Middlesex Hospital, London) – twice per year

For more information on our children’s services visit the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital website.

Conditions Treated:

Leukaemias (commonest form of childhood cancer) and lymphomas, plus a range of solid tumours, most commonly brain tumours.

Research is an active component of the Paediatric Department at the NNUH. Many childhood cancer treatments are based on National trials and our consultant who delivers the childhood cancer service in Norwich is a Local Collaborator to the National Leukaemia Trial.

An off treatment service is also provided and children who have received treatment for childhood cancer are continued to be monitored when treatment has completed.

Non cancer blood conditions are also treated at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital – this service is by the named Consultant Paediatrician (Dr Ponnampalam) and Consultant Haematologist (Dr Lyall).

The Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital also treats children with less common blood conditions including Sickle Cell Disease, in conjunction with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and the North Middlesex Hospital in London.


Consultant Paediatricians

Dr Jo Ponnampalam

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Kate Stanton

Holly Woolsey

To contact the Clinical Nurse Specialists, please call 01603 287852
Consultant Haematologists

Dr Hamish Lyall

MDT Coordinator

Rebecca Wiltshire 01603 287622

To contact the MDT coordinator, please call 01603 287 622
Paediatric Pharmacist

Rosalind Howe

CLIC Sargent Social Worker

Rich Hannan 01223714439

Clinical Paediatric Psychologist

Bob Budd 01603 287545

Paediatric Dietician

Emily Coby 01603 287011

To contact the Paediatric Psychologist, please call 01603 287 545

To contact the Paediatric Dietician, please call 01603 287011

Patient Support Services

The ‘Big C’ Information and Support Centre

Spiritual care is available to any patient/parent requiring emotional care and support outside of the care offered by their doctor or nurse. Whilst this service covers religious care including advise on how to access other religious leaders, spiritual non-religious care is also offered.

There is a transition service available for leukaemia and lymphoma patients to the adult service for patients with haematological conditions. Transitional care for young people with solid tumour is under development.

There is also end of life care and bereavement support for patients and families in conjunction with the Children’s Hospice team at The Nook.

Useful Information

Please visit the CCLG publications webpage to download various leaflets which provides a huge amount of information.