Conditions treated

Patients who are diagnosed with sarcoma are referred to the Royal Marsden and discussed in their MDT.

Patients requiring preoperative or postoperative radiotherapy are referred back for treatment at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital .  Dr Roques is the clinical oncologist who works closely with the Royal Marsden Sarcoma Unit  and carries out both  adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments as well as follow up of patients .

GIST’s are diagnosed and managed by the upper GI team in conjunction with Dr Roques and the Marsden Sarcoma Unit.

Soft tissue sarcomas and GISTs- The diagnostic service is run by Mr Haywood, Plastic surgery dept, and a radiology diagnostic meeting is held every 2 weeks.

Bone tumours are managed at bone tumour centres.

Multidisciplinary Team

If you have recently been told you have or are suspected of having cancer you will have already met some of the people involved in your care. These health professionals work within a team which is called a specialist Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). The Diagnostic Soft Tissue Sarcoma MDT is based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Once diagnosis is made, patients are referred to the Royal Marsden for treatment.

The team consists of :

Mr Richard Haywood, Plastic surgeon;

Dr Tom Roques, Clinical Oncologist;

Dr Richard Goodwin and Dr Tom Marshall, Musculoskeletal Radiologists;

Dr Tim  Barker, Pathologist;

Oncology specialist nurse: Ellie Morse;

MDT Co-ordinator Julia Millar

Patient Support Services

Patient support group is held monthly at the Big C centre.

Useful links

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