Endocrinology and Diabetes Research

The directorate is the largest Diabetes & Endocrine service in the East of England, and one of the largest in the UK.  You can see  information on our Diabetes and Endocrinology services and quality markers in this NHS University teaching hospital, the associated University of East Anglia medical school and UEA biomedical schools  and the new functional and well staffed Clinical Research and Trials Unit 

The directorate supports a full range of specialist and general clinical services, for a stable local population of 600,000, and a local diabetes population of 42,000 people with known and unknown diabetes (2011).

There are active programmes for DAFNE, CSII, outreach services, primary care support, and mobile retinal screening, as well as among the largest and best described antenatal, paediatric and foot services in the UK.

The Trust and UEA are part of the larger Norwich Research Park (NRP) which also includes the John Innes Centre, the Institute of Food Research, the Sainsbury Laboratory and the Genome Analysis Centre and houses over 30 science and IT based companies and is one of Europe’s largest concentrations of research in Health, Food and Environmental Sciences.

An analysis of the most highly cited scientists in the UK over the past 20 years reveals that Norwich is ranked 4th in the UK after London, Cambridge and Oxford. The Acute Trust and Directorate staff have a long history of clinical – basic science collaboration with colleagues across the NRP, and research in this Directorate is integrated with and fully supported by the East of England DRN, PCRN, and local CLRN.

The Consultant team are all research active and offer a range of expertise and research outputs and are:

  • Dr Ketan Dhatariya (clinical and research interest in DAFNE, foot disease, clinical therapeutics, and hypertension in diabetes)
  • Dr Swe Myint (clinical and research interest in clinical therapeutics, obesity management, transitional care and hypertension management)
  • Prof. Mike Sampson (PI or CI on most Norwich studies since 1995 , with £3.54M in external grant income in last 5 years from Diabetes UK or NIHR, and Deputy Lead East of England DRN)
  • Dr Francesca Swords (clinical and research interest in adrenal function, ACTH receptor function and pituitary disease and CLRN metabolic medicine co – lead locally)
  • Dr Rosemary Temple (clinical and research interest in preconception care and diabetes pregnancy)
  • Dr Jeremy Turner (clinical and research interest in obesity and adipose tissue inflammation with recent BHF and DRWF funding)
  • Dr Tara Wallace (clinical and research interest in insulin resistance, ketones, transitional and preconception care and CSII).
  • All provide internal cover and a pool of local co investigators. In addition, Dr Nandu Thalange and Dr Vipan Datta are experienced clinical researchers in paediatric and adolescent diabetes.