Key Contacts

This page lists the key contacts for anyone who wants to find out more about research opportunities at the Trust.

If you know who you need to contact, then please direct specific enquiries to them using their contact details below. Otherwise, please call 01603 289808 or email for general enquiries or email if you have an enquiries about commercial research.

All postal correspondence should be addressed to:

Research & Development
Level 3 East
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Colney Lane


Interim Senior Research Operations Manager:
Sally Burtles

Tel: 01603 647881


Research Services Manager: Julie Dawson

Tel: 01603 647882

Commercial Team

Commercial Research Co-ordinator: Post Vacant


Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Andrew Holmes

Tel: 01603 287376

Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Claire Gray

Tel: 01603 287062

Grants & Finance Team

Research Grants Co-ordinator: Emily Woodhouse

Tel: 01603 289894

Contact Emily for support with research grant applications and information about their funding. For applications being led by the University of East Anglia Emily will liaise with the UEA Project Officers to ensure an efficient submission of the joint application.

Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Laura Harper

Tel: 01603 289863

Contact Laura for support with research grant applications and information about their funding and also for the facilitating and set-up of Grant and NNUH sponsored studies.

Research Accountant: Julie Mercer

Tel: 01603 287805

Contact Julie for enquiries relating to R&D invoicing and finances.

Assistant Management Accountant: Sajina Sahul-Hameed

Tel: 01603 289810

Research Governance Team

Research Governance Co-ordinator: Gillian Short

Tel: 01603 647883

Contact Gill for information about the Research Governance Committee, Archiving and SOPs

Research Governance Administrator: Caroline Stevens

Tel: 01603 647883

Data Support Officer: Mark O’Callaghan

Tel: 01603 287806

Contact Mark for information relating to documentation required for approval of research, requirements to register your study with the R & D department and requirements for amendments to existing research. Mark will pass on your details to our Study Facilitators who will then give advice and support on the approval and set up process.

Clinical Trial Monitor: Fran Dockerty

Tel: 01603 286611

Contact Fran for information on the monitoring of Research and Clinical Trials sponsored by NNUH. Please note that Fran’s working days Tuesday and Thursday.

Research Study & Recruitment Team

Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Michael Sheridan

Tel: 01603 287408

Contact Michael for information on facilitating the set-up of research studies involving Cardiology, General Surgery, Haematology, Oncology, Plastics and Urology.

Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Madhusmita Sarangi

Tel: 01603 289819

Contact Madhusmita for information on facilitating the set-up of research studies involving Dermatology, Nutrition, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Older peoples medicine & Stroke, Pathology, Paediatrics, Respiratory and Therapies.

Research Study & Recruitment Facilitator: Elysia Young

Tel: 01603 288437

Contact Elysia for information on facilitating the set-up of studies involving A&E, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Mental Health, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pharmacy, Radiology and Rheumatology.

Research Office Administrator: Jennie White

Tel: 01603 289808

Medical Statistician: Ian Nunney

Tel: 01603 597282 or 07717 363779

Please contact Ian for statistical advice for research. Please note Ian’s working days are Monday & Wednesday.


Located at the UEA

Research Manager: Sarah Ruthven

Tel: 01603 591486

Contact the Research Manager for information on the management of healthcare research projects.

Head of Innovation: Dr Jon Carter

Tel: 01603 591577

Contact Jon for advice and support on how to protect your intellectual property and appropriate routes for commercialisation.

UEA Project Officers

Sarah Green
Tel: 01603 591721

Rachel Lindley
Tel: 01603 597197

Graham Horne
Tel: 01603 591477