Research Studies

Dedicated research staff support studies and at any one time there can be 300 active studies ranging from small local studies to those that are multi-site across the UK and worldwide.

You can find a list of active research studies on the Be Part of Research website run by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Click here for the Trust’s 2018 Annual Research Report

Particular highlights from the current list of active research studies include:

100,000 Genomes Project

NNUH is involved in the world-leading 100,000 Genomes Project, which was was launched in 2016 to sequence 100,000 complete sets of DNA from patients with cancer and rare diseases.

PREPARE-ABC – SupPoRtive Exercise Programmes for Accelerating REcovery after major ABdominal Cancer surgery

Aim: The aims of this trial are to:

  • see if exercise training can improve your recovery after surgery
  • find out whether exercise before surgery can improve fitness
  • investigate whether an exercise programme at home or in hospital is better than usual care on quality of life

Who can participate?

You may be able to participate in the trial if all of the following apply:

  • Are due to have surgery with the aim of curing your colorectal/bowel cancer
  • Are fit and well enough for surgery
  • Are able to understand written and spoken instructions in English
  • Are at least 18 years old

Although you will not be able to participate in the study if any of the following apply:

  • Are unable to do the exercise, or it is not safe for you to exercise in this trial. For example, you have joint or muscle problems, a chronic lung disease that causes symptoms such as breathlessness at rest, or a lower limb amputation without a prosthesis etc.
  • Have any heart conditions that would prevent you from safely doing the exercise in this trial. For example, you have angina or high blood pressure that is not controlled with medication, or you have had a heart attack in the last 6 weeks etc.
  • Are taking part in another trial (you may still be able to take part if the 2 trial teams agree that this is OK)


ARCTIC is a research trial comparing the safety and effectiveness of two commonly-used antiseptics for cleaning the skin of babies prior to central venous catheter (CVC) insertion on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The Respiratory ABC Study

The ABC study (Asthma Bronchial Challenge).
This study is examining the chemical compounds found in exhaled breath and how these may vary according to levels of disease activity in asthma. Funded by the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and sponsored by the University of East Anglia, this study is taking place at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. Participants with mild, well controlled asthma will be asked to provide a breath sample before and after undertaking a bronchial challenge test.

The respiratory research group are a multi-disciplinary team led by Professor Andrew Wilson and involved in both commercial and non-commercial studies.

For further information on any respiratory studies please contact Respiratory Research on 01603 289876 (24 hour answerphone) or by email at

The Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study

Reducing the risk of diabetes through a new group exercise, diet, information and motivation programme.  This research is funded by the NIHR Programme grant scheme and involves 10,000 participants. For more information visit the Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study website. 

Prostate Cancer Prevention and Diet

An investigation into the benefits of dietary interventions in the development and course of prostate cancer by researchers in the Trust, the Institute of Food Research and UEA who are working with and are funded by the Prostate Cancer Charity.

The BENDY study (BENign joint hypermobility study)

This is funded by the NIHR ‘Research for Patient Benefit’ programme and is a randomised controlled study to determine whether interventions (such as Physiotherapy , occupational therapy, education) improve the outcome for children suffering with pain and/or disability because of being ‘overly stretchy’ (ligamentous laxity).

The Keeping Children Safe study

This is a series of smaller studies within the Jenny Lind Chidlren’s Hospital investigating safety factors for common accidents to young children under five years of age and ways of preventing accidents. Participants are recruited through the Emergency departments of this Trust and the James Paget University Hospital, through GP practices and in local Children’s Centres.

The Norfolk Arthritis Register (NOAR)

NOAR is funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign which is the largest community-based study in the world investigating the cause and outcome of inflammatory polyarthritis (inflammation and swelling of the joints).

Public Notice – Outcomes of Drug Coated Balloon Angioplasty, A UK Real Life Experience from 2009 to 2015 (DCBNORWICH).

DCBNORWICH study is a proposed registry to assess outcomes of patients who have received angioplasty treatment with a novel device called a drug coated balloon during the aforementioned period and compare them with the outcomes of patients treated with drug eluting stents. Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) is the leading hospital in the UK performing these procedures and has been recognized as a center of expertise for this type of treatment.

The study involves retrieving clinical outcomes from the National Institute of Cardiac Outcomes Research (NICOR) which collects patient data of all angioplasty procedures, coronary artery bypass graft surgeries and heart attacks from all NHS hospitals. In order to track the outcomes, patient identifiable data such as the NHS number, DOB and gender will be shared with the NICOR. It is proposed to report outcomes for the next 10 years making this a study with a very long term follow up period. Patient identifiable data will be accessed only by hospital doctors/direct care team members and the NICOR. In a very small number of patients, identifiable information will be shared with a member of the direct care team of another hospital if they have received angioplasty outside Norfolk and Norwich Hospital on a later date. No identifiable data will be published nor divulged to any other party.

All relevant approvals such as Caldicott guardian of the hospital, National Research Ethics Committee and Health Research Authority (HRA) approval have been obtained prior to commencement of the study. HRA advised to apply for recommendations from Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) which has been adhered to. The CAG provides a recommendation to the Health Research Authority (HRA) as appointed decision-maker for research applications. The HRA takes the final decision to support an application under Regulation 5 of the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002 to process patient identifiable information without consent.

This will be one of the largest registries published on this domain once completed and will be invaluable in further advancements of the field.

A patient group meeting has been held to obtain patient views and a patient is in the study steering committee to oversee adherence to guidelines as well as to make sure patient interests are met.

If you are a patient who has received drug coated balloon angioplasty treatment at the NNUH during the above mentioned period and if you have any objection to your data being used in the above manner please do get in touch with us using any of the below mentioned contact portals.

Amendment: A proposal has been approved to acquire patient outcomes through the NHS Digital for patients treated till 15th November 2019 and also extend the study period till April 2021. This amendment will increase significantly the robustness and significance of the results. This proposal has been approved by all of the above mentioned bodies. If you have been treated either with a drug coated balloon or a drug eluting stent and have any objection to your data being used as described above please do get in touch.

Dr Upul Wickramarachchi, Clinical Research Fellow, NNUH (

Dr Tharusha Gunawardena, Clinical Research Fellow, NNUH (

Dr Ioannis Merinopoulos, Clinical Research Fellow, NNUH (

Dr Vassilios Vassiliou, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Cardiology, NNUH and Norwich Medical School (

Dr Simon Eccleshall, Consultant Cardiologist, NNUH – Chief Investigator (

Further information

You can find out more about research studies and recent publications relating to specific clinical areas on the relevant department pages found in our Department A-Z. For more information about a particular area of research, follow the links below: