Retinal Disease

This service treats age-related macular degeneration, Diabetic retinal disease, and other retinal conditions.

The Medical Retina service is provded by two Consultants,  Mr Colin Jones and Miss Aseema Misra.

Digital photography, angiography, ocular coherence tomography and Argon Laser facilities are available and based both at the Norfolk and Norwich and at Cromer and District Hospitals.   Medical retina clinics are held on all week days at the Norfolk and Norwich and on Wednesday mornings at Cromer.   Additionally, Mr Jones runs a Uveitis Service on Monday mornings.   Mr Glenn runs the photodynamic therapy service, for age related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), which takes place on Monday afternoons.  This service is hoping to expand to include intravitreal anti VEGF therapy.   Mr Jones is the Clinical Lead for the diabetic retinopathy Mobile Eye Screening Service .  This service is community based and uses digital imaging and maintains close links with the diabetic service.

We normally use eye-drops to enlarge the pupils, so that we can see in to the back of the eye.  These drops may blur the vision for a few hours, so you should not plan to drive home from clinic.  There may be some special tests done by Medical Illustration, which might include a fluorescein angiogram .  The exact series of tests will depend on your individual circumstances.

Treatments from the Medical Retina service include laser treatments, eye-drops, tablets, and sometimes injections.  The treatment offered will depend on your individual problem.  Retinal detachments and other surgical retinal problems are dealt with by the Retinal Surgery  service.

Further information on macular disease is available from the Macular Society .