Our Consultant Cardiologists see thousands of patients every year with a variety of problems including palpitations, angina, heart failure, narrowed or leaky valves, blackouts and murmurs.

Clinical Director: Dr Alisdair Ryding.

Interventional Cardiologists:  Tim Gilbert, Trevor Wistow, Simon EccleshallAlisdair Ryding, Sreekumar Sulfi, Clint Maart, and Chris Sawh.

Pacemakers and other devices are fitted by:  Ian WilliamsCairistine Grahame-Clarke, Trevor Wistow,  Santosh Nair, Omar Abdul-Samad and Dr Wei Lim.

Cardiac Imaging including echocardiography, Cardiac MRI and Cardiac CT : Cairistine Grahame-Clarke,Sunil Nair, Vass Vassiliou, Dr Pankaj Garg and Marina Hughes.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Service: Richard Till, Daniel Raine and Wei Lim.

Grown-up Congenital Heart Disease (GUCH): Catherine HeadMarina Hughes and Marianna Stamatelatou

Cardiomyopathies, such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Sunil Nair.

Teaching programme: Santosh Nair.

Professor in Cardiovascular Medicine and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist:  Vass Vassiliou .

Pankaj Garg is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, with clinical sessions at NNUH.