Plastic Surgery

Our Team

What is Plastic Surgery?

The ‘plastic’ in our kind of surgery is not like the stuff that makes Lego, PlayStations or Barbie dolls.
‘Plastikos’ is a word of ancient Greek origin that means ‘to shape or mould’. Plastic surgeons use a wide variety of techniques to overcome many different surgical challenges. The specialty is therefore quite wide reaching and often involves close liaison with other specialties.

What we do

  • Hypospadias – a congenital condition affecting male genitalia
  • Ear Surgery – reconstruction of congenital ear deformity, anotia, microtia, prominent ears.
  • Vascular Anomalies – birthmarks, acquired vascular lesions
  • Hand Surgery – congenital hand problems, hand injuries
  • Trauma – burns, injuries etc.
  • Congenital chest wall problems – pectus excavatum, breast asymmetry, Poland’s syndrome
  • Other soft tissue problems – lumps, bumps, skin cancer etc.

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Our service

The five consultants have specialist paediatric plastic surgery training in their sub-specialty areas. Together, we provide a comprehensive service that covers a large portion of the North and East of the region, from King’s Lynn, across to Ipswich, the James Paget University Hospital, with a dedicated outreach clinic in Ipswich. We also have close links with the Anglia Cleft Lip and Palate service based at Addenbrooke’s, and the Craniofacial service at Great Ormond Street.