JL windbrakerNorwich has a group of seven specialist paediatric anaesthetists who support the large range of  routine and emergency surgical and diagnostic services both in and out of hours (currently about 4,000 procedures in children under 16 each year).

We are one of only two hospitals in the region which provides this round-the-clock dedicated paediatric anaesthetic service. As part of this service we provide a comprehensive range of pain relief techniques which enhance rapid recovery after surgery.

Our paediatric anaesthetists are also very much involved in the resuscitation, stabilisation and early intensive care for the sickest babies and children in the Trust, who present having suffered serious injuries or with severe illness such as life threatening infections.

All members of the team have undergone extensive training in the speciality in lead centres around the UK and beyond including Great Ormond Street Hospital,  Birmingham Children’s, Toronto and Melbourne.

Team Members


Contact details

Main Telephone Number: 01603 287086
Alternative Telephone Number: 01603 287074

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