Patient Information Leaflets – Maternity


Anti-D Injections for Women with Rhesus Negative
Aromatherapy – A Guide for use on the MLBU
Body Mass Index raised in pregnancy 30 – 35
Body Mass Index raised in pregnancy 35 – 40
Body Mass Index raised in pregnancy 40 and above
Carriage of Group B Streptococcus
Choosing where to have your baby
Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
Declining Blood Products or Blood Transfusion
ECV (External Cephalic Version)
Feeling your Baby move
Gestational Diabetes
Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Information for patients after an inconclusive result on ultrasound scan
Induction of Labour – what it means (1st time mothers)
Induction of Labour if you have had a baby before
Information for Pregnant Women who have Epilepsy
Low dose Aspirin in Pregnancy
Obstetric Cholestasis
Pelvic Girdle Pain
Physiotherapy advice in pregnancy
Preconception Care for Women with Diabetes
Pregnancy Oral Glucose Tolerance test
Pre-term Pre-labour rupture of membranes (Waters Breaking)
Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Preventing Clots in Pregnancy
Screening for Down, Edwards and Patau Syndromes in Pregnancy
Sterilisation at the time of Caesarean section
What can I do if my Baby is breech?
Why your weight matters (Pregnancy)
Wrist & Hand Pain during and after Pregnancy


About Caesarean Section
After Your Caesarean Section
Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section
Before your Caesarean Section -Morning List
Birth after Caesarean – Info for women after their 1st Caesarean section
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC)
Enhanced Recovery after Caesarean Section
Guidance for Women after PropessA to induce labour
Monitoring In Labour
Pain Relief In Labour
Remifentanil Patient Control Analgesia for Pain Relief in Labour
Information for supporters staying overnight on Cley
Vitamin K – Information for Patients
Using Water for Labour & Birth

After Birth

Dummies, Soothers & Pacifiers
Examination of the Newborn & Advice on Discharge
How to look after your Perineum after having a baby
How to tell if your Baby is getting enough milk
Information for Mothers following the birth of a baby – signs & symptoms of serious illness
Information for supporters staying overnight on Blakeney
Is my Newborn Baby breastfeeding OK?
Looking after your Bladder, Bowel & Pelvic Floor 
Protecting your Baby from low blood glucose
Postnatal depression

Other Languages

Maternity Antenatal Schedule of visits – Lithuanian 
Maternity Information Divider – Lithuanian
Maternity Antenatal Schedule of visits – Polish
Maternity Information Divider – Polish
Maternity Antenatal Schedule of visits – Portuguese
Maternity Information Divider – Portuguese
Screening Tests for you and your baby in other languages