Obstetrics and Maternity Research

Our team currently has active research in these areas:

  • The Rainbow Clinic:  The impact of a specialist service for parents who have suffered a stillbirth or neonatal death, helping and supporting them through a subsequent pregnancy –The Rainbow Clinic


  • CRAFT: To evaluate subsequent pregnancy risk of preterm birth in women with a history of the previous caesarean in established labour – CRAFT




  • UKOSS: Data collection on all pregnant women admitted to hospital and confirmed Covid-19 looking at how women are affected – UK Obstetric Surveillance System


  • Cleft Collective: Investigates the biological and environmental causes of cleft, the best treatments for cleft and the impact of cleft on those affected and their families – The Cleft Collective.



  • POOL: Aims to establish the safety of waterbirth for mothers and babies – POOL


  • Baby Breathe: A randomised controlled trial on smoking cessation in pregnancy and staying smoke free after birth – BabyBreathe