Feeding and caring for your baby

Your rights as parents – “You choose, we support”

The infant feeding team standing in a line, smiling.

UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative

We are extremely proud to have been awarded re-accreditation as a Baby Friendly Hospital by UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative Accreditation in 2023. Details of our award can be found on the UNICEF website where you will find evidence based practical information about caring for your baby, breastfeeding and formula feeding.

This Trust supports the right of all parents to make informed choices about infant feeding.  We aim to create an environment and a culture where you feel staff will support you in your decision.   We believe that breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby and we recognise the important health and emotional benefits which breastfeeding provides for both you and your child.

We know for a small number this is not possible due to certain medications or illness. If you have questions about your feeding choices, please get in touch with your midwife who can provide you with evidence based information about medical conditions and/or medication and breastfeeding as we can help and support you.

Ways in Which We Will Help You to Feed Your Baby Successfully

We have a policy on infant feeding which has been adopted Trust wide.

We also have a Parents Guide.

Our Maternity, Neonatal and Paediatric staff have been specially trained to help you to feed your baby responsively and enjoy a rewarding, positive feeding experience. There are more than 100 Midwives, Maternity Care Assistants and Nurses who have received additional training as Infant Feeding Keyworkers.

The Infant Feeding Team can be contacted on 01603 286058 or via by emailing infantfeedingco-ordinators@nnuh.nhs.uk. Please note that the team’s working hours are typically weekdays 08:30-16:30 with limited cover outside of these times. If your query is urgent, please contact a Midwife via CallEEAST on 01603 481222 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Leaflet and App

During pregnancy, you will be encouraged to read the Essential Guide to Feeding and Caring for you Baby. It will provide you with information to help you connect with your baby in the early days and enjoy a rewarding feeding experience.

Your midwife will discuss feeding choices and relationship building with you. Make notes of what you would like to talk about.

You can also download the baby buddy app which is free and has been endorsed by UNICEF.

Infant Feeding Peer Support Volunteers

A team photo of six breastfeeding peer supporters. One holds a baby doll.

The hospital has a number of Breastfeeding Peer Supporters, embedded within the Infant Feeding Team, who volunteer across the Maternity and Neonatal Unit. They act as a “well informed friend” or mentor to new mothers and can offer support, listen to any mother’s experiences and worries, and give advice on aspects of infant feeding and skin-to-skin contact.  For mothers who’s babies are on NICU (Neonatal Unit) they can support you with expressing too.

The volunteers have received a Breastfeeding Peer Support qualification from an accredited organisation such as the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, Breastfeeding Network and National Childbirth Trust.  They have also completed the Breastfeeding and Relationship Building course to UNICEF standards.

They attend supervision sessions and receive opportunities for continued practice development quarterly with our Peer Support Co-ordinator Natasha Easter.

There are also many infant feeding  support groups locally and nationally that you can contact or attend.

For further information view our infant feeding information leaflets.https://new.nnuh.nhs.uk/departments/maternity-services/feeding-and-caring-for-your-baby/support-groups/