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Maternity Services

Our Maternity department is a shared midwife and consultant service and managed the birthing of 5,931  babies last year.  We have a total of 186.47 whole-time equivalent midwives (nine of which are midwife specialist posts and midwifery managers).

Based on the 2010/11 birth figures, our midwife to birth ratio is 1:31. Note: This ratio includes the nine specialist/manager posts.  

Total number of deliveries (2010/11)

Total births 5,931
Emergency Caesarean 12.2%
Elective Caesarean 9.1%
Forceps 7.0%
Ventouse 4.2%
Induction 22.1%
Water birth  3.3%
Episiotomy 13.6%

Blakeney Ward
and Cley Ward are our maternity wards (Cley is a shared obstetrics and gynaecology ward). Our Delivery Suite has 12 rooms (all with access to ensuite bathrooms) and one water birth pool (70 per cent of our midwives are trained in water births). Adjacent to the Delivery Suite are two obstetric operating theatres (one for elective patients and one for emergency patients) and our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Our new midwife-led Birthing Unit provides women with a "home-from-home" environment in which to give birth naturally. Our birthing unit has four birthing rooms all with en-suite shower rooms.  The rooms are sensitively decorated with soft lighting, audio equipment is available so that women can bring in their own music to create a homely and relaxing atmosphere.There are three birthing pools which women can use for labour and to give birth in if desired.

delivery room
Typical Delivery Room

Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC)

Our Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) aims to find out what local women want and need from maternity services and then help to develop services to meet those needs. The committee is made up of staff involved in providing maternity care and representatives of women who use the service. The members work together to monitor and improve the maternity services provided by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Click here for more information - Maternity Services Liaison Committee  

Maternity Friends and Family Test 

The Friends and Family Test is now available at four key points of the Trust’s maternity services offering patients the opportunity to give feedback.   Maternity patients have the opportunity to give their views on antenatal care, birthing care and postnatal care, so might be asked the question up to three or four times so we can make sure that we identify areas for improvement at every stage of maternity care.  The question will be slightly different depending on the particular service a patient has just used.  The question looks like this:  

How likely are you to recommend our 'maternity service' to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?  

Choices range from “Extremely likely” and “Likely”, through to “Neither”, “Unlikely”, “Extremely Unlikely” and “Don’t Know”.    

We also encourage patients to provide us with more information so that we can understand why a particular answer was chosen, what we did well and where we can look to make improvements.   Maternity patients will be asked to give their feedback as follows:

Feedback on antenatal care can be given by Freepost postcard (distributed by midwives) or online or by downloading the maternity App.  

Any patient who has their baby in Delivery Suite or Midwifery Led Birthing Unit (MLBU) or Home Birth Service, but does not stay on Blakeney Ward (the postnatal ward) can give their feedback by going online or by downloading the maternity App and will be provided with these details at discharge from hospital or at home (for home births).  

Patients who give birth in the Delivery Suite or MLBU, and then stay on Blakeney Ward will be offered an opportunity to give feedback on their birthing experience and on the postnatal care on Blakeney Ward by taking part in a short survey with a volunteer who visits the ward and inputs feedback onto an iPad.  

Feedback on postnatal care in the community can be given by Freepost postcard (distributed by midwives) or online or by downloading the maternity App.  

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number: 01603 286286

Based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich Click to show full address details for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich (opens in new window)

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