Visitor Information

Reception Desks

There are reception desks at each of the inpatient and outpatient hospital entrances where a member of staff or volunteer will be able to direct you to the area of the hospital you are visiting. They can also look up on the hospital computer system which ward your friend or relative may have been moved to. The reception desks are staffed from Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4pm (East and West Outpatients), 7am – 6pm (East Inpatients) and there is someone on West Inpatients 24 hours a day, every day. Disabled (Blue badge holders) are able to have their car park ticket validated for no charge at these desks during these times.

Meet and Greet Volunteers

Our Meet and Greet volunteers are here to help you find your way around. You can recognise them by their red waistcoats or jackets.

Wards Visiting Times

The visiting times for most of our wards are 2pm – 4pm and 6pm – 8pm. Please be aware that some wards will have slightly different visiting times and you can check these by selecting the ward.

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We do ask that patients only have two visitors at any one time.

Visitors should wash their hands or use the hand sanitisers provided when entering and leaving the ward.

Protected Meal Times

To reduce distractions for patients while they are eating, most of our wards have protected mealtimes. This means visitors will not be allowed on The ward except for emergencies.

Eating and Drinking During Illness

It is not unusual for people to lose their appetite when they are unwell. However, eating and drinking is important as it will help to fight infection and speed your recovery.

You should be offered an opportunity to clean your hands prior to a meal and our staff should help you to sit comfortably while you eat. We operate a ‘red tray’ system to ensure you get help promptly if you need assistance with your meals.

If there is concern about your appetite you may be offered higher calorie/protein foods. You will also be offered snacks and drinks between meals.

You are welcome to bring in snacks and your relatives and carers may assist you to eat. You can also visit the staff restaurants and snack bars by arrangement with the nurse in charge of your care. Please avoid foods that need to be refrigerated or reheated.

Good Visiting Guide

You can be a good visitor and help our patients and staff by following these steps

  • To save staff time, have one person contact the ward for updates rather than lots of people asking for the same information.
  • Please no more than two visitors at a patient’s bedside unless agreed with the ward sister or nurses in charge.
  • We ask you to limit use of mobile phones on wards or keep them on silent to respect other patients who may be resting. Mobile phones can be used in public areas such as corridors and restaurants.
  • Please do not sit on patient’s beds, use the chairs provided.
  • Please use the hand gel available at ward entrances and always wash your hands with hot water and soap after using the toilet
  • If you have an illness such as a cold, flu or stomach bug, please do not visit until you are well as you may pass it on
  • The ward’s bathrooms and toilets are for patients only. There are visitor toilets outside each ward.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our premises, including buildings, grounds or vehicles. It is part of a national policy of no smoking in and around any NHS buildings.

Accommodation for Relatives

Information about local hotels and guesthouses is available from reception desks on Level 1. Alternatively contact the Norwich Tourist Information Centre on 01603 213999. Their opening times are Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm.