Visitor information

See more details about our current visiting guidance and times.

How to find us

Please note that there are limited parking facilities on-site.  Please visit Contacting and Finding Us for more options on how to travel.

For more information about accessibility (including images), click the icon below:

Reception desks

There are reception desks at each of the in-patient and out-patient entrances where you can ask directions or find out where your friend or relative may have been moved to. They are open from Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4pm (East and West Out-patients), 7am – 6pm (East In-patients) and there’s someone on West In-patients 24 hours a day, every day.

Disabled (Blue badge holders) can have their car park ticket validated for no charge at these desks during these times.

Meet and Greet Volunteers

Our Meet and Greet volunteers will help you find your way around – you can recognise them by their red waistcoats or jackets.

Protected time

Most wards have protected mealtimes when you’ll not be allowed to visit during mealtimes unless an emergency. We welcome conversation about support at mealtimes, if you’d like to speak to the staff about this.

Good visiting guide

Please help by following these steps:

  • To save staff time, we ask that one person contacts the ward for updates rather than lots of people requesting the same information.
  • Please limit your mobile phone use on wards or keep it on silent to respect other patients who may be resting. Mobile phones can be used in public areas.
  • Please don’t sit on a patient’s bed, use the chairs provided.
  • Use the hand gel at ward entrances and wash your hands with hot water and soap after using the toilet.
  • If you have an illness such as a cold, flu or stomach bug, please do not visit to prevent passing it on.
  • The ward’s bathrooms and toilets are for patients only. There are visitor toilets outside each ward.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our premises, including in vehicles in line with the national NHS no smoking policy.

Accommodation for relatives

Information about local hotels and guesthouses is available from the reception desks on Level 1, or you can contact the Norwich Tourist Information Centre by emailing

Provide feedback on your visit

Inpatient visiting has a huge impact on patient experience, family/relative/Carer Experience and staff experience. This is why we would like know everyone’s feedback and help make sure we can get this experience right.

We would like to know your experiences of visiting our hospital – this could have been in person or virtually. Your responses will help to improve how we support inpatient visits.

Please complete this short survey to share your views.