Information for patients having a pain procedure at Cromer Hospital


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Information for patients having a pain procedure at  Cromer Hospital

It is important that you tell the Day Procedure Unit or Pain Management Centre on (01603 646242/646201 or 01603 288453) at least 7 days before the procedure if:

  • You are taking aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel or similar blood-thinning medications.
  • You have a bleeding problem.
  • You have any other serious medical problems.
  • You have any allergies.
  • You are allergic to local anaesthetic.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You are taking any diabetes medications.

It is important that you tell the Pain Management Centre before the procedure if:

  • You are unwell on the day.

Where will my procedure be carried out?

Your procedure will be carried out at Cromer Outpatients, Muriel Thoms Procedure Unit.  Please report to the first floor reception desk to book in for the Muriel Thoms Procedure Unit.  The patient car park is located at the front of the hospital and is well signposted.  The car park is pay and display, but if the procedure overruns we can provide car parking extension tickets, so any additional charges are avoided.

Before your procedure:


  • Please bring all your prescribed medication that you are taking and the tablets that you have brought for pain relief after your procedure with you.


  • Continue to take all your medication as usual before you come to hospital unless your Doctor, Nurse or Physiotherapist has advised otherwise.


  • Some drugs for diabetes or herbal remedies may need to be stopped before your procedure.


Can I eat and drink before the procedure?

For a morning procedure:


  • You must have nothing to eat from midnight, then only clear fluids until 6am.


  • After 6am, nothing to eat or drink.

For an afternoon procedure:


  • You may have a light breakfast (such as toast and cereal), which must be completed by 7am and then clear fluids until 11am .


  • After 11am, nothing to eat or drink.


Clear fluids means:


  • Plain water, orange / lemon squash, black tea or black coffee.


  • Please do not have any fizzy drinks, fruit juices or alcoholic drinks.


Will I have my procedure under general anaesthetic?


Most interventions are carried out under local anaesthetic, but some patients prefer sedation. The Doctor will talk to you about this on the day.


What happens on the day?


  • You may need to wait before your procedure – bring something to read with you.


  • Before your procedure you will sign a consent form.


  • You will need to bring a dressing gown and a pair of slippers with you.


  • You can wear your glasses, hearing aids and dentures until you are in the anaesthetic room.


  • Jewellery, decorative piercing, false nails, nail varnish and make up should be removed. If you cannot remove jewellery, it may be covered to prevent damage to your skin.


  • When you return, you will be given something to eat and drink.


  • When you are comfortable, you will be helped to get dressed. The Nurse will check you are ready to go home.


Privacy and Dignity


We are working hard to ensure that we continue to meet the standards set out by the Department of Health for the privacy and dignity of our patients. These standards will ensure that male and female patients are treated in separated areas.


These arrangements mean that it is no longer possible for relatives to stay in the unit with patients during the treatment. However, relatives are welcome to use the Trust waiting area or use the cafe, whilst patients undergo treatment.


Please discuss with Nurse in Charge if you do need a relative or carer to stay with you.


What do I do next?


  • Please make sure that you have someone to accompany you home.


  • Do not drive or operate any machinery for 24 hours.


  • You will receive an appointment for the Pain Clinic. Please keep a record of your pain over the next few days. This will help us when you come to clinic.


  • You may get a flare-up of pain (a temporary worsening of your pain) after the injections. This will usually settle.


  • You can take off any dressings after 24 hours.


  • It is very important to keep doing your regular daily activities after the injection. Keep doing your regular daily activities. This will help the injections work.


Contact details:


If you have any clinical concerns or require advice in relation to the procedure, please contact the Pain Management Centre on 01603 288453. This phone is manned from Monday to Friday, 8.15am to 5.30pm, with an answerphone outside these hours.


You can also contact our waiting list coordinator on 01603 289375 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8am to 4pm, with an answerphone outside these hours).


The Muriel Thoms Procedure Unit (Cromer) contact number is 01603 646242/646201


Outside of these hours, please contact the 111 service or your GP.