Dementia Services

Here at the Norfolk and Norwich we appreciate that on any given day up to a third of out adult inpatients across all specialties will have either acute confusion or a pre-existing diagnosis of dementia. Therefore, as a Dementia Service team we aim to provide an appropriately educated workforce across the hospital, not just in OPM, and with pockets of expertise which can be used as a resource where necessary, to care for patients with dementia and patients with acute delirium.

That expertise comes in many forms:

Dedicated Dementia Ward

Elsing ward, one of our core Older Peoples Medicine wards has a special focus on caring for patients with dementia, particularly the more advanced and complex cases.

Link Nurses

We have dementia link nurses and champions to cover all specialties to act as a network of interested parties, who have a passion for dementia care.

Dementia Coaching

We have a dementia coaching team. There are 7 dementia care coaches throughout the hospital. Dementia care coaches (DCCs), act as mentor and role models to support other staff members, carers and family to deliver compassionate, evidence-based, person-centred care in order to enhance the experience of people living with dementia.

They have undertaken a nine month course with 16 study days covering various aspects of dementia and dementia care and learning how to coach others to improve their own skills.

Within OPM, there are one doctor (Dr Foden), one staff nurse (Norberto) and two assistant practitioners (Leo and Carla), who are also DCCs.

They are all happy to be approached for extra support for staff wishing to develop their own skills in dealing with people who have dementia.

Support Workers

We have a team of dementia support workers who can be called to any ward area to help provide stimulation and activities, as well as carer support for any patient with dementia.

Dementia Screening

We participate in the national dementia screening programme.

Overall, the ethos here is to provide a truly dementia friendly hospital.