Dementia Services

Our ethos is to provide a truly dementia-friendly hospital. On any given day, up to a third of out adult in-patients across all specialties  have either acute confusion or a pre-existing diagnosis of dementia, so we aim to ensure that all staff, not only those specialising in older people’s medicine, have the appropriate skills to care for these patients, supported by a team of experts. This expertise comes includes:

Dedicated Dementia Ward

Elsing ward, one of our core Older Peoples Medicine wards, has a special focus on caring for patients with dementia, particularly more advanced and complex cases.

Link Nurses

Our Dementia Link Nurses and Champions cover all specialties and form a network of staff with a passion for dementia care.

Dementia coaching

Our team of Dementia Care Coaches act as mentors and role models to support colleagues, carers and family to deliver compassionate, evidence-based, person-centred care that enhances the experience of people living with dementia.

They complete a nine-month course covering various aspects of dementia and dementia care and learning how to coach others to improve their skills.

Support Workers

Our team of Dementia Support Workers can be called to any ward to help provide stimulation and activities for patients with dementia, as well as offer support to carers.

Dementia screening

We take part in the national dementia screening programme.